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A processing job is stuck in queue on Citrix server in Empower 3 - WKB7696

Article number: 7696


  • The job is stuck in queue when viewed in Processing Server Monitor window after processing data.
  • No other users can process if connected to this server.
  • Other Citrix servers do not have this issue.


  • Empower 3 Enterprise
  • Citrix


Processing of additional jobs on a particular Citrix server is not possible due to a hung processing job.

This commonly occurs when attempting to print jobs to non-existent printers.


  1. Attempt to cancel the job via the Processing Server Monitor window.
  2. If Step 1 is unsuccessful, reboot the affected Citrix server.


Rebooting the Citrix server will disconnect all Empower users currently using the affected server. There is no risk of data loss, but any interrupted activities must be restarted.

Rebooting the Empower database server may be required if rebooting the client does not resolve the issue in the case of a non Citrix environment.

This information applies to any processing node including LAC/E nodes. e.g. Run and Process or Run and Report.

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