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Empower 3 shows error "No results produced for this processing job" when a clear calibration is performed when processing a sample set - WKB75607

Article number: 75607


  • Processing a sample set with Beckman PA800 data channels works, unless a clear calibration is done during processing
  • Processing is performed using the acquisition method set
  • The channel and processing method table was not used because there were no channels available in the drop-down list in the table
  • A derived channel could not be created because there were no channels available in the drop-down list


  • Empower 3
  • Beckman PA800 CE instrument
  • Clarus GC


The Beckman driver was not installed, so the instrument channels were not available in the method set.

This issue was also seen using a Clarus GC; the channel wasn't populated, even with the driver installed.


  • Install the Beckman instrument driver. This is the recommended solution because a missing driver can also affect instrument method views, running, and reporting.
  • If the driver can't be installed, do the following to correct the processing issue:
    1. Create a new derived channel when no channels are available in the drop-down list: Type in the channel name exactly as seen for the acquired channel, and save the derived channel.
    2. You can now add this channel to the channel and processing method table in the method set.
    3. Process the sample set again.


This issue is not specific to the Beckman instrument driver; it can be seen with other instruments.

Some channels may have a space at the end of the name that cannot be seen. If there is still an issue after creating the derived channel, try adding a space to the channel used to create the derived channel.

It is not a defect if processing a sample set fails when calibration is cleared but results are generated if there is no clear calibration during processing. The Clear Calibration step needs to identify the channels for which to clear calibration by finding them identified in the method set.

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