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Duplicate results generated for all results in Empower - WKB6904

Article number: 6904


  • When performing batch processing, duplicate results generated for all data in same sample set
  • All users reporting same issue in same sample set
  • Other sample sets within same project working as intended
  • Label reference column is identified correctly
  • Sample Type column is identified correctly


  • Empower 3


The Processing column in the sample set method is incorrectly set up for Quantitate.


  1. Go to Sample Set tab, right-click and go to Alter Sample.
  2. Type "Do not process or report" for all samples.
  3. Add a Calibrate line at the end, and use S* for Label reference.
  4. Set processing column to Normal.
  5. Add a function called Quantitate next and use  C*, U*  for Label reference.
  6. Set processing column to Normal.
  7. At the last line function, type "summarize custom fields" if you have custom fields.
  8. Set processing column to Normal.
  9. Save sample set and reprocess. 



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