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How do we obtain advice on Citrix configuration and provisioning for Empower? - WKB68847

Article number: 68847


  • Citrix
  • Empower


Empower functions correctly in a properly configured and provisioned Citrix environment.

However, Waters is unable to advise each customer on their specific configuration and provisioning requirements to operate Empower in a Citrix environment.

Each customer's installation, environment, and load requirements are different. We recommend that customers engage with Citrix or a consultant who is qualified to advise them on what configuration and provisioning is required for their circumstances. Monitoring of bandwidth, concurrency, and system load will likely be required.

The consultant can advise on proper configuration of the printing provisions within the proposed Citrix environment. 


Refer the consultant to the Empower installation documentation.

Refer the consultant to the informatics infrastructure requirements.

Specific questions may be directed to development through a CIT.

Drivers in a Citrix environment

Waters does not provide Citrix installation instruction.

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