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Empower 3 - How To Get Entries Into The SampleSet Table Comments Field - WKB63614

Article number: 63614


To have audit trail comments show in the SampleSet Table comments field


  • Empower 3


  1. Make sure the System Policies for New Projects Full Audit Trail (FAT) is set to record changes in Sample. This should not be set to silent and it does not require Confirm Identity to be checked. This only takes effect on new projects created with this setting.
  2. The Sampleset Table comment field comes from the projects vial table. So only changes in the vial table will produce the comment.
  3. One way to make this change is to do an alter sample from the sampleset tab in the project. Edit Amounts, change or add an entry in the component section, and then save the method.
  4. Once this is done open the sampleset in Preview Publisher, select Sampleset Method Group, and process the report. The comment field will be populated with the comment made when the sampleset was run.



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