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Error: Project or sub-project is in use and cannot be deleted in Empower - WKB598

Article number: 598


  • Cannot delete project. Error message: "Project or sub-project is in use and cannot be deleted" (See the screen shot for an example of error message.)
  • Closing sessions under System Monitor in Configuration Manager does not work.
  • LACE and system reboot does not resolve.
  • Error can also show as "system already in use".


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
  • Citrix/client server environment with Empower


System or Project or User is still connected.


  1. Check system monitor (Click on Configure System in Empower > In Configuration Manager > Click View > Click System Monitor > Check under Users, Systems, Projects, Processing tab).
  2. Close all sessions/free up sessions by logging out and rebooting the LACE(s) and systems connected to it. 
  3. If closing sessions in System Monitor does not work, reboot the database server.


First make sure that no data is buffered on a LACE box that the user ran. Go to C drive > Empower folder> instrumentserver\system\server\project\data. If there is no buffered data, the next step is to reboot the Empower Database server.

Logging out does not clear it for a system and project. If the project was the last thing the system used, then it is still in use. The next step is to connect another project to the system by running run samples. That will free up the first project. If this fails to work, rebooting the database server, as noted above, will solve the problem.

If SDMS is enabled, make sure that it is configured properly to archive and delete the project. If it is selected or flagged for archive and delete through SDMS, then it's processes lock the project from Empower manual deletion and transfer the process to SDMS outside of Empower.

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