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Error: Not a valid software registration file - WKB566

Article number: 566


 In the Waters licensing wizard, after browsing to the software registration file and selecting Activate, an error occurs stating: "Not a valid software registration file"


  • Empower 2 Feature Release 5 (FR5)
  • Empower 3
  • Breeze 2


  • The SoftwareRegistration.lic File is only 1 KB in size. Inspect file size. A good file is 2KB size.

  • Open the file using Notepad. If it is empty, it is a bad file
  • Not logged in with local administrator privileges


  1. Log in as a local administrator to create a valid Software Registration file. 
  2. If the file is still only 1 KB, close the Waters Licensing Wizard.  Launch it again but instead, right click and select "Run as administrator".  Save the SoftwareRegistration.lic file and it should be 2 KB in size.


If there is a copy of the Software Registration File that was created during a previous activation process, you can reuse it. But if that file was overwritten during the process of creating a new one, that option is unavailable.


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