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In Empower, how are queued sample sets handled in the event of an error? - WKB53041

Article number: 53041


  • Empower


Unless you click "Continue with next sample set", aborting an acquisition clears any sample set methods in the queue. However, in the event of an instrument error, other queued sample sets are flagged as dormant and remain in a queued state.

This feature is designed to attempt a rerun of dormant sample sets after the next successful acquisition completes. The queue is checked the next time the processing server runs. The processing server will run the next time a sample set is run. If it completes successfully, sample sets in a dormant state will subsequently run.

To view queued sample sets, click the Sample Set tab. There is a column that identifies dormant sample sets.


See WKB15531 and WKB15533. There is also an enhancement to log (PCS55892) when sample sets are queued, started, altered, or changed.

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