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What is the part number of the kit to upgrade my LAC/E to Windows 10? - WKB49876

Article number: 49876


  • Configuration 15 LAC/E


Please check the serial number of your LAC/E 15 system to order the correct Windows 10 upgrade kit. Specific kits were created due to a network card change, requiring a new operating system driver.

667005670 - Kit, LACE 15 Win 10 Image i350-T4 (This upgrade kit covers initial production through March of 2016, starting with serial number B14L32043W and ending with serial number C16L32486W. This kit contains the DVD part number 667005669.)

667005743 - Kit, LACE 15 Win 10 Image 4P-i350 (This upgrade kit covers production from March 2016 to present, starting with serial number C16L32487W. This kit contains the DVD part number 667005742.) 




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