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How to use an older calibration curve to process data in Empower. - WKB3850

Article number: 3850


This article explains how to add an older calibration curve to the Empower processing method to process newly acquired data.


  • Empower
  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


  1. Take the newly acquired data into Review.
  2. Open the processing method in the Review window.
  3. Go to the top of the window and click "Window - Calibration".
  4. Go to the top of the window and click "Options - Select Calibration".
  5. From the window that pops up, choose the calibration curve previously associated with this processing method.
  6. The curve is now loaded into the processing method and will be used to quantitate data.


You may only load a calibration curve into a processing method if the curve you want to load was previously created by this processing method. Curves that were created by other processing methods are not displayed when you choose "Options - Select Calibration".

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