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How is the Sample Weight field used in Empower? - WKB3837

Article number: 3837


  • Empower
  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


Empower uses the Sample Weight field, found in the Sample Set, to calculate the ratio of the quantity of a component to the quantity of the total original sample.

For standards, Empower multiplies the amount or concentration of the component by the sample weight. It then uses this result value as the X coordinate on the calibration curve.

For unknowns, Empower reads the value from the x axis of the calibration curve, and then it divides that number by the Sample Weight to generate a final value.


Always ensure that the units you use for a Sample Weight field are the same as those used for the amounts or concentrations listed for each of the standard components.

Empower can generate this number as a percentage of the Sample Weight, but this technique requires that you create a custom field. See the following article for an explanation: How to create a custom field in Empower to show amount as a percentage of the sample weight

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