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Error: "Printer not activated, error code 41" message appears when printing from the Citrix server - WKB3683

Article number: 3683


  • The message "printer not activated, error code 41" appears sporadically when attempting to print a report
  • The results signoff option is enabled
  • Users have the same preferences


  • Citrix environment
  • Multiple servers


A single server in the Citrix environment has a corrupt Waters PDF generator.


  1. Determine which server has the corrupt Waters PDF generator; if known, skip to step 2.
    • Force user sign-on to specific Citrix servers
    • Perform Result signoff and print
    • If no error 41 message appears, move to the next Citrix server
  2. Take the Citrix server that is giving the error offline.
  3. Delete and re-install the correct Waters PDF generator, depending on the version of Empower.
  4. Empower 2 has a Pdfqueue.bat file; Empower 3 has a ConfigPDFDriver.bat file.
  5. After re-installation, re-start the server.


For the printer permissions, users "Everyone" and "CREATOR OWNER", select to allow Print, Manage the printer, and Manage documents.

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