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6890 GC with G1888 Headspace Sampler not injecting certain vials in the Sample Set using Empower - WKB3699

Article number: 3699


  • Sample set contains a multiple vial range and some of the vials do not get pierced
  • Instrument Method has the same vial range as the Sample Sets



Chain Method enabled.


  1. To disable a Chain Method from the G1888 front control panel:

    Select Menu, and then scroll down to Chain Methods, type 0, and then press Enter. The display should now show Actual Chain: Chain off.


Chained methods is only a capability of the G1888 Headspace Sampler when working in stand-alone mode. It is used to analyze groups of samples that use different parameters. This is the same as using different Instrument Methods in Empower. However, you must use the same method throughout an Empower Sample Set when running Headspace Samples. In order to run different methods, create different instrument methods and include one instrument method in each Sample Set, and then queue the Sample Sets to run consecutively.

See article WKB62833 on Split injection technique

See article WKB62831 on Splitless injection technique

See article WKB62933 on PTV injection technique

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