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Cannot inject higher than 20-ul injection volume with Agilent 1290, G4226A, and Empower - WKB2946

Article number: 2946


  • Cannot inject higher than 20-ul injection volume after firmware upgrade from A.06.53 to A.06.54
  • No changes in method
  • Getting error "method download failed" when running samples in Empower


  • Agilent 1290
  • Empower 3
  • Agilent ICF 2.1 and above


Seat capillary setting incorrect.


  1. Install the extended seat capillary, which is attached to the loop already installed. (Autosampler is supplied with a default 20-ul loop.)
  2. Connect the handheld controller. Go to Configure > Sampler > Syringe Volumes and change the seat capillary to the value of the installed extended seat capillary.
  3. In the Empower instrument method, go to the Instrument Configuration tab.

  4. Highlight Sampler, and then click configure.

  5. In the Configure Sampler window, in Options, change the syringe size.

     See How to determine the Agilent 1100 maximum injection volume in Empower for a screenshot.


Click on the following link from Agilent for further information about the volume kit mentioned and how to check the volume.

Agilent 1290 Infinity autosampler

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