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Where do I enter the molecular weights for the GPC sodium heparin analysis? - WKB29345

Article number: 29345


Enter the molecular weight information that is provided with the heparin analysis.


  • Empower 3
  • Gel phase chromatography (GPC)
  • Sodium heparin analysis


  1. Take the sample set into the Alter Samples window, click Edit, and then click Amount.
  2. Go to the Current tab (bottom of table).
  3. Go to the Cumulative tab (top of table).
  4. In the table, enter in all of the cumulative percentages and associated molecular weights that were provided with the heparin analysis kit.
  5. Enter the molecular weights, from high to low (Empower default).
  6. Enter the Cumulative % so the percentage increases as weights get smaller. (This may require using the reciprocal percentage from the Certificate of Analysis.)
  7. Save everything and close Alter Sample. You can now process the sample set.


Ensure that the standard is labeled "Broad Standard".  If it is not, you cannot enter the data into the Cumulative tab.

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