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ACQUITY H-Class Sample Manager FTN in Console error: - string - - WKB2896

Article number: 2896


  • The instrument in console has triggered a "string" error message and cannot be operated until the message is cleared.
  • The message is not recorded in the log files.
  • The issue occurs on initialization.


  • ACQUITY H-Class Sample Manager (SM-FTN)
  • Empower 3 Workstation


  • "String" errors are failed commands between the Instrument Control Software and the ACQUITY module. 
  • The ACQUITY Console has the system identified with different IP addresses than what is configured in Empower.


  1. Remove each component in the Waters DHCP Server Configuration window.
  2. Power-off all components and the computer.
  3. Power-on the computer, but do not open Empower.
  4. Power-on the SM-FTN and wait until it is fully initialized (Run LED will stop flashing green).
  5. Power-on the pump and wait until it is fully initialized.
  6. Power-on the detector and wait until it is fully initialized.
  7. Once all components are in an idle state, you can open Empower and run as usual.



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