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Do I need a license to use Beckman CE (capillary electrophoresis) system with Empower 3? - WKB25765

Article number: 25765


  • Beckman CE (capillary electrophoresis) system
  • Empower 3


Yes. The customer should order the Beckman CE Control 1 Pack (176003242), which contains the following:

  • 668000495 - NI USB to GPIB
  • 667005502 - Kit, National Instruments GPIB Dr. v3.1.1
  • 667004963 - Kit, Update-Empower Beckman CE v1.2.1
  • 716003568 - Lic., Empower Beckman CE Control 1 pk


The license is a "paper only" license, meaning that it does not get activated using the Waters Licensing Wizard.

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