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What causes the following error found in an Empower recover.log file? Unable to write remote file because the remote procedure call failed - WKB17924

Article number: 17924


  • Empower Enterprise or Workgroup
  • Buffering


These errors may be seen when there are network connectivity problems between the LAC/E32 and the Empower database server, but Empower is designed to temporarily buffer the data on the LAC/E32 or acquisition client and then eventually recover the data and upload it to the server when connectivity is re-established.


Explanation according to Microsoft TechNet:

A server connection was lost while the server was attempting to perform a remote procedure call. The remote procedure call did not execute. The connection may have broken because of a problem with the network hardware or because a process terminated.



Additional errors seen: Data file checksum error. Possible data corruption for modification of file \\servername\waters_projects$\projectname\filename.dat.


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