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Why am I not able to program the internal 2414 temperature to 55C (greater than 50C) in Empower? - WKB17349

Article number: 17349


  • Not able to program the internal 2414 temperature to greater than 50 C in Empower


  • Empower control of a 2414 RI detector


The internal oven temperature on a 2414 is specified and can be set from 30 degrees C to 55 degrees C in the standalone mode. However, while under Empower control, you can only set the internal oven temperature to 50 degrees C. This is because the original 410/2410 detectors internal oven temperature range was only 30C to 50C. Empower still recognizes the RI as a 410.


  1. Because of this difference in the internal oven temperature control under Empower, you may have a customer that cannot follow a specific method if 55 degrees C must be controlled and set. The only workaround is to program the detector from the front panel instead of from Empower. You can set the internal oven temperature to the 55 degrees C as required by some USP methods.
  2. Upgrade ICS driver to version 1.65 found in Driver Pack 2017 R1. The new driver allows temperatures up to 55 C.



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