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How to create a derived channel in Empower where the wavelength switches at a given time - WKB16590

Article number: 16590


Extract a two-dimensional chromatogram from a three-dimensional acquisition while switching the wavelength at a specific time.


  • Empower
  • PDA 


  1. Open the method set used to acquire the data.
  2. At the top, choose "File - Create New Derived Channel".
  3. In the first tab, "first (only) channel", click the Channel drop-down list and select  "PDA: Single Wavelength".
  4. Type in the wavelength of choice.
  5. On the second tab, "second channel", select the operator "switch to" and the "PDA: Single wavelength" from the channel drop-down list. 
  6. Type in the second wavelength of choice. 
  7. Type in the time at which you want to switch in the "switch at time" box. (This is the time at which collection switches from the first wavelength to the second wavelength.) Select OK.
  8. Specify  a name for the new derived channel. Select OK.
  9. The channel is now listed in the table at the center of the Method Set Editor window.
  10. Save the method set.



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