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Error: This image may only be installed on a Waters-manufactured platform - WKB15522

Article number: 15522


  • When trying to reimage a Waters LAC/E32 or LND using the appropriate restore DVD, this error message is displayed: "This image may only be installed on a Waters-manufactured platform"


  • Configuration 15 LAC/E32
  • Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
  • Empower 3
  • Laboratory Network Device v2 (LND2)
  • UNIFI Network


Due to a hardware fault, the motherboard of the Config 15 LAC/E32 and LND was replaced by Dell. This replaces the Waters BIOS with a Dell-supplied BIOS. The Config 15 restore media looks for the Waters BIOS to allow the PC to be reimaged using that media, and when the correct BIOS is not found, the error message is displayed.

This can also be caused if the BIOS is updated, thus overwriting the Waters BIOS.


When the BIOS is replaced with a Waters-supplied BIOS, the error is no longer displayed. Contact Waters to arrange for an field service engineer to update to the appropriate LAC/E Bios.


The proprietary BIOS can only be provided to and installed by a Waters field engineer.

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