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How do I compare two versions of a method in Empower? - WKB15470

Article number: 15470


How to compare two versions of a method in Empower.


  • Empower 3


To compare two versions of a method:

  1. On the Methods tab, select a method, and then right-click and select Method Properties.
  2. In the Method History table of the Method Properties dialog box, click the method to compare with the method highlighted on the tab.
    • Tip: If two or more versions appear, you can compare two versions in the Method History table. Ctrl-click to select two versions for comparison.
    • Note: The Method Differences feature can only compare two versions at a time.
  3. Click Differences.
  4. In the Method Differences window, click View > Show All to display all values for both methods.
  5. Optionally, click View > Show Normal to view a table showing only values that differ.



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