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Injections Acquisition Time appears out of order - WKB1458

Article number: 1458


  • Injections appear to have been acquired out of order.
  • Acquisition Time does not match the order of the Sample Set Method.


  • Empower 3 FR2 Enterprise


  • Operating system time on LAC/E differs from the time on the Empower Database Server


  • Synchronize the operating system time on the LAC/E with that of the Empower Database Server


When data buffers, the date/time stamp is taken from the LAC/E; when not buffering, the date/time stamp is taken from the Empower Database Server.
The data was collected in the correct order. However, the acquisition times are not correct as the times on the LAC/E were incorrect. To confirm this, sort by Injection ID to see the correct order of acquisition.

That is why LAC/Es should sync their time with the database server (or both should sync their time with the same time server). Please see this Tech Note (applicable to all versions of Empower):
Title: Buffering may cause injection times to appear out of order.

Empower 2 Enterprise and Workgroup systems are capable of storing data on the local hard drive when the network or database server is unavailable. This is called buffering.

During periods of buffering, the time stamp for injections comes from the acquisition computer (server or client) instead of the database server. Because of this, the clocks on the acquisition computer and database server should be set to be updated automatically using the same time source.

Differences in the clock between the acquisition computer and the database server may manifest in injections appearing out of order with respect to time.

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