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Carrier gas flow drops with a 7697 Headspace using Empower - WKB14107

Article number: 14107


  • Carrier gas flow drops as soon as the 6890 GC and 7697 Headspace are registered under Empower control
  • Choosing Headspace control, GC control, or GC and Headspace control for flow does not resolve the issue
  • The 7697 Headspace has the optional carrier EPC. A second 7697 Headspace does not have the optional carrier EPC and does not drop carrier gas flow when controlled by Empower


  • 7697 Headspace
  • 6890 GC
  • Headspace Control Option (HCO) 3.0
  • Empower 3


The optional carrier EPC ("flow control chip") for the 7697 is not supported. This is a known issue. GC control of carrier gas flow is supported.


The optional carrier EPC is supported for the 7697 in Instrument Control Framework (ICF) v3.0.


This also occurs when using 7890 GC with 7697A Headspace.

When configuring the GC/HS system with ICF 3.0, there is an option "instrument controlling carrier setpoints". Use this section to specify which instrument controls the carrier gas flow. If the HS includes an optional EPC module for carrier gas flow, all options will be available. If the HS does not have the optional EPC, the setting is GC instrument.


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