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Error : Empower or Millennium software or any related processes is running, please exit all applications - WKB1295

Article number: 1295


  • Error message popped up during the installation of Empower 3 software Reboot of  PC and closing out of  Empower and Empower message center doesn't resolve.


  • Empower 2 Empower Driver / ICS/ ICOPs.


If the email service is running on a server or personal workstation it will prevent the installation of service packs or instrument drivers. The installers will identify the service and report that they cannot install as Empower is running.  


  1. Link to TechNote TECN10202152 Go to Windows Task manager by pressing ctrl +alt+ delete and then choose Start Task Manager .Under the Processes tab check the box for "Show processes from all users" and click on End Process to end WatersEmail service ( see screen shot below) and start installation. Also need to stop the Waters DHCP server service if ending the WatersEmail service  doesn't work ( see screen shot).



In an Empower Personal or Workstation implementation, you can run C:\Empower\Remove_Email_Service.bat to uninstall the Email service if the customer will never implement it.  Please consider the customer's SOPs before implementation.

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