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How do I set up a calibration curve by using an internal standard (toluene) peak when calculating the molecular weight (MW) in GPC using Breeze or Empower? - WKB11271

Article number: 11271


  • Breeze
  • Empower


  • In the project window, click on the Methods tab.
  • Open your processing method.
  • Click on the "Calibration" tab.
  • You can use the "Reference Peak" by selecting both Standard and Unknown.
  • Set a Retention Time and an RT window (default is 1%). The retention time window for the reference peak is set as a percentage of the peak’s retention time.


The reference peak and its retention time window does the following: If the software finds a peak within the window, it adjusts the retention times for the chromatogram based on the reference peak retention time. The software can use the reference peak to adjust retention times in standards only, in unknowns only, or in both standards and unknowns. 

Note that use of the reference peak adjusts the RTs of both standards and unknowns if the toluene peak shifts.

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