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How to calculate USP and EP signal to noise in Empower - WKB1123

Article number: 1123


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3
  • Customer must be in compliance with USP


  • In Empower, select the Suitability tab and click "Calculate USP, EP, and JP s/n" (signal-to-noise).
  • Select "Use noise centered on peak region in blank region".  Leave Half Height Multiplier with default values.
  • In the Alter Sample window (or Sample Set Method), indicate in "Blank" column which injection(s) to assign as the blank for noise calculations.
  • Process data.
  • View peak field USP s/n accordingly.


 TECN134884650 - Signal-to-Noise Values in Empower 3

 TECN1852625 - Understanding the EP Signal to Noise Calculation in Empower 2

Tip #30: Calculating signal-to-noise ratio (Part 3)

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