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How to export absorbance units from Empower and plot them in Microsoft Excel - WKB10203

Article number: 10203


To export detector raw data ,AU to Microsoft Excel.


  • Empower 3
  • Detector Absorbance ( example AU)


You must first create an Export Method.

  1. In the project window, click File > New > Export Method.
  2. Go to the Raw Data tab.
  3. Type a file name.
  4. Select ASCII File.
  5. Select a path for the file to be exported to.
  6. Select X-axis Data - Export Time Column.
  7. Select Export Fields in the Sample Information box.
  8. In Chromatogram, select Det. Units by double-clicking it.
  9. Click File > Save and name the Export Method.

Now that the method is created, you can go to your desired channel, right-click it, and choose Export. Select Use Specified Export Method, and then select the newly created method. Once this is done, you can open an Excel spreadsheet. Click File > Open. In the drop-down menu to the right of the File Name box, select "All Files (*.*)". You should now be able to navigate to the export method's destination and open the data in Excel. 



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