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What is the NetEvaluator utility? - WKB1018

Article number: 1018


  • Empower
  • MassLynx
  • Ethernet connections


NetEvaluator is a useful utility that can be used to troubleshoot individual IP communication issues.

  • On an Empower system: Click C: Drive > Empower > Instruments > Utilities > NetEvaluator.
  • On a MassLynx system: Click C: Drive > Program Files (x86) > Waters Instruments > Utilities > NetEvaluator.

How it works:

  1. Click Start to begin a continuous ping test.
    • Modules that show up indicate they are recognized on the Instrument LAN.
    • Modules that do not show automatically, or other non-instrument IP addresses, can be monitored by adding them manually.
      • Click Add Instrument to manually enter the IP address of a device. 
      • Click Add. The IP address appears in the monitoring list.
  2. The test shows Status, number of Pings, Losses, and Consecutive Losses.
  3. Status for each IP lists as either pass, fail, or marginal.
    • A failure of one module could indicate a bad Ethernet cable, switch port, or CPU2000 PCB.
    • A failure of all modules could indicate a bad Ethernet cable from the PC, a bad switch port (for the PC connection), a bad LAN card, or a defective switch.



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