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What is a generic protocol for use of Sep-Pak C18 cartridges? - WKB66729

Article number: 66729


  • Sep-Pak C18 cartridges
  • Generic protocol


The following information can be used as a starting point to retain a compound:

  • Condition with six to ten holdup volumes of methanol.
  • Equilibrate with six to ten holdup volumes of water.
  • Load a sample diluted in water.
  • Wash with three to six holdup volumes of water.
  • Elute with three times (3X) the holdup volume of methanol.


For specific compound protocols, method development is necessary. See Why is it necessary to have 20 percent water present in the wash and elution steps of an SPE protocol for peptides? 

For additional information, see the Sep-Pak Cartridges and Plates Care and Use Manual.

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