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What is the recommended flow rate for loading a sample on an SPE cartridge? - WKB66731

Article number: 66731


  • SPE cartridges


The following flow rates are based on the cartridge type or format:

Sep-Pak Classic, Plus, Oasis Plus formats: 1 mL/min

1cc Vac: 1 mL/min

3cc Vac: 1 mL/min

6cc Vac: 5 mL/min

12cc Vac: 10 mL/min

20cc Vac: 10-20 mL/min

35cc Vac: 20 mL/min


Flow rate is a compromise among speed through the device, contact time with the sorbent bed, and volatility of the analyte of interest. The intent is to maximize sample recovery in the eluted fraction of interest.

For additional information, see the Sep-Pak Cartridges and Plates Care and Use Manual and Oasis Cartridges and 96-Well Plates.

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