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Automatic Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR) on Extraction System cannot achieve the set pressure - WKB3160

Article number: 3160


  • ABPR will not achieve the set pressure
  • Delta pressure between CO2 pump and ABPR is high


  • Biobotanical Extraction System (BBES)
  • Automatic Back Pressure Regulator (ABPR)
  • SFE Bio-Botanical Extraction System
  • MV-10


Need to align the ABPR.


  1. Stop CO2 flow.
  2. Run outlet tubing from ABPR to beaker of water.
  3. Close ChromScope software.
  4. Open ABPR Alignment Utility software.
  5. Start pump through Utility software.
  6. Observe CO2 flow in beaker.
  7. Push photo/button in Utility software that best matches what is observed to close needle. (If unsure, use slower flow photo/button.)
  8. Repeat Step 7 until flow of CO2 in beaker is one bubble per second or less.
  9. Exit ABPR Alignment Utility software.
  10. Click YES to force restart of ABPR.


For assistance, contact local Waters service office.

ABPR 20 should see less than 1 bubble every 5 -10 seconds

ABPR 200 should see less than 1 bubble every second.

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