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What is the part number for the FDM10 and FDM30 CO2 check valves? - WKB1733

Article number: 1733


  • Waters/Thar FDM10
  • Waters/Thar FDM30
  • Fluid Delivery Module


700008840 - Check Valve, 3/8" x 0.646", 10k psi


This replaces part 700006601 (Thar part number 01377-1), which looked slightly different. The pictures below help identify the two types. When looking at the check valves from the side, the new-style PEEK seals are visible on top and bottom.




Do not confuse this part with part 700006600 (Check Valve, 3/8"Dia, 10k PSI, Cartridge), the check valves for the P-200A pump.


Note: Part number for the FDM check valve holder (3/8" Dia 1/2" - 28x1/16" V Chk Vlv) is 700007341 


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