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Who do I contact for warranty service on Lenovo PC hardware? - WKB1087

Article number: 1087


  • Lenovo
  • IBM
  • MassLynx
  • Empower


For computers purchased from Waters that were operating successfully after initial installation, open a warranty service request with Lenovo.

It is important to follow this process on the Lenovo website to get to the correct Lenovo team to service your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the PC serial number under 'Find Your Product' and click the search tool at the end of the line.
  3. The page that opens will have information about your computer, service options and available tools.
    • If you have purchased a P520, P720, P330 or future workstation models sold by Waters, you should see that the computer has Premier Support.
  4. Select 'Contact Us' to access the contact information associated with your computer to open a warranty service request.
  5. Select the desired contact option - you can call for service or open an online service request/eTicket.

After calling the support phone number, select the following, if prompted (this may vary by region):

  1. The menu selection for Lenovo branded products.
  2. The menu selection for Think Brand series and Server/Thinkstation Model.
  3. The appropriate menu selection based on if you know the machine type code for the PC.


You will need the PC serial number and machine type code (four alpha-numeric characters preceding the letters MTM above the serial number on the PC).

If you go to the Lenovo support web site and enter the PC serial number, you will see the machine type code and the warranty information.

For example, if the  Machine Type Model is '30A6S2B200', the machine type code is '30A6'.


If a computer purchased from Waters fails during its initial installation and startup, please contact Waters.

If you open a warranty service call with Lenovo and a repair is not in progress within two business days please contact Waters.

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