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To avoid injection error, what are the correct lock mass settings in the MS method for a Vion IMS QTof? - WKB91967

Article number: 91967


  • Vion IMS QTof
  • UNIFI 1.9.4


To avoid "injection error" and random stops of analysis, ensure that lock mass spray is stable and the signal is not fluctuating. Use the following settings in the MS method:

1. The concentration of LeuEnk for lock mass should be 50-100 pg/ul.

2. In the Vion IMS QTof instrument method, on the Options tab, make the following selections (only the number of intervals can be modified according to the length of the run):



3. On the Events tab, ensure that all events that are related to lock mass are removed. Keep only the information for LC flow state.




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