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How to run Detector Setup with GFP - WKB85964

Article number: 85964


  • Perform Detector Setup with GFP


  • Xevo G2-XS


<Create a new reference file>

  1. Select Reference File Editor from the Configure menu.
  2. Select Detector Setup (Leucine Enkephalin), right click and select Copy.
  3. There is a line called “Detector Setup (Leucine Enkephalin) -Copy”. Right click on this line and select Edit.
  4. Change the Reference Compound name to “Detector Setup (GFP)”.
  • At this time, change the “Leucine Enkephalin” characters to “GFP” and delete “-Copy”.
  • Do not edit other characters, such as “Detector Setup” or “()”.
  1. Select Positive for Polarity and MS for Mode.
  • Register 785.8426 and 1570.6774 in the Positive field.
  • Set 785.8421 to 100% and 1570.6774 to 55%.

Create a Detector Setup (GFP) for Negative in the same way.

  1. Select the Detector Setup (GFP) created above, right-click and select Copy.
  2. There will be a line called “Detector Setup (GFP)-Copy”. Right click on this line and select Edit.
  3. Select Negative for Polarity and MS for Mode.
  • Register 783.8270 and 1568.6617 in the Negative field.
  • Set 783.8275 to 100% and 1568.6617 to 55%.


<Running the Detector Setup>

  1. Check “Detector Setup” in Intellistart and click Start button.
  2. Change the settings on the Detector Setup window as shown below and perform Detector Setup.
  • In the Reference Compound field, select Detector Setup(GFP).
  • Confirm that 785.8421 is displayed in the Mass(Da) column in Positive mode.
  • To perform Detector Setup only in Positive mode, select “Do not setup Detector for Negative polarity” for Negative mode.



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