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How to tune up for APCI or ESCI mode. - WKB7804

Article number: 7804


Tune source for APCI or ESCI mode.


  • Mass Spectrometer
  • MassLynx 4.1


  1. Refer to the mass spectrometer's operator's guide for how to install the APCI probe/source (for APCI mode) and corona pin.
  2. Set the probe temperature high (~600 C) and the desolvation gas high (~1000 L/hr).
  3. Switch the divert valve to combined and start infusing the sample.
  4. Start the LC flow at a high flow rate (0.8 - 1 mL/min).
  5. Mark the probe position so that it is easy to return to the original position for ESI mode.
  6. Using the silver caliper, adjust the probe position for best sensitivity. This will probably be close to halfway between the cone and the corona pin.
  7. Adjust the corona pin current setting for the best sensitivity.



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