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SQD2 loss of communication; resetting the EPC - WKB71677

Article number: 71677


  • SQD2 is not communicating with computer/software
  • Pinging the EPC brings no reply


  • SQD2
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Empower
  • MassLynx


EPC requires resetting


  1. Close out of the software and restart the computer.
  2. Log back in to the computer but do not launch any software.
  3. Reset the SQD2/EPC by toggling the recessed reset button next to the power button of the SQD2.
    1. Insert a small-diameter object such as a paper clip, piece of tubing, or hex key into the hole next to the power button of the SQD2.
    2. Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, and then release the reset button.
    3. Wait for the SQD2 to fully initialize. You will hear the diverter valve actuate and three chimes/beeps (this could take 5-10 minutes).
  4. The LEDs on the SQD2 should be green for power and not illuminated for the "Operate" LED.
  5. Open command prompt, run the command "ping epc -t", and ensure that the EPC replies.
  6. If the EPC replies, launch software and confirm that communication is established.




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