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QDA missing from the console - WKB5502

Article number: 5502

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  • The ACQUITY is present in the console, but the QDA is missing. 


  • MassLynx 4.1 
  • QDA


Not waiting long enough after powering-on the QDA for the QDA to run through its diagnostics before starting MassLynx. 


  1. Close all MassLynx related windows - the inlet method editor, the MS console, and the main MassLynx window.
  2. Power-off the QDA (power button on the top left of the front panel).
  3. Power-off the MassLynx PC.
  4. Wait at least one minute.
  5. Power-on the PC and log in.
  6. Power-on the QDA.
  7. Wait at least 10 minutes.
  8. Confirm that the left status light is green and the right status light is off on the front panel, top left corner of the QDA. 
  9. If not, wait longer. 
  10. If the status lights are correct, then open MassLynx. It should say instrument present at the bottom of the MassLynx window. 
  11. Open the ms console and observe all of the ACQUITY components and the QDA. 



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