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How to remove the QDa pumping block - WKB52382

Article number: 52382


Removing the QDa pumping block (700009678) to service the stepwave and front-end optics can be difficult. This article includes suggestions for safely removing the pumping block.


  • ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector


Methanol Method

  1. Remove the cone.
  2. Remove the four screws that hold the pumping block insert assembly.
  3. Start to wiggle the assembly free.
  4. Apply methanol to the edges of the screw holes and around the edges of the pumping block.
  5. Continue to wiggle the assembly free.

Leverage - A long-handle screwdriver can be used to provide leverage

  1. Place a long-handle screwdriver in the preformed grove on the pumping block.
  2. Brace the end of the screwdriver on the front panel.
  3. With leverage, carefully wiggle the pumping block to free it from the QDa body.

    Pumping Block.PNG



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