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How to do an electronic reboot of a Xevo G2 QTof or Xevo G2 Tof - WKB49203

Article number: 49203


  • Xevo G2 QTof
  • Xevo G2 Tof


  1. Exit MassLynx and reboot the host computer. Log in to Windows after it restarts.
  2. From the back of the MS you will see two toggle switches. One is for the Vacuum and the one below this is for the Electronics. Place the Vacuum switch into the Override position.
  3. Set the Electronics toggle switch to OFF. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Before doing the next step, read the whole step first because the timing can be tricky on older instruments.
  5. Set the electronics toggle to ON. Count to 3. Press and hold the big red reset button on the EPC for one second and then release.
  6. Wait until the MS initializes (about 2 min). The last thing you will hear are the fluidics valves on the front actuating. After this, start MassLynx and verify that the instrument is connected. If it isn't, first try closing MassLynx, waiting a minute, and starting MassLynx again. Otherwise, repeat the entire procedure.



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