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How to collect and save a Hyperterminal Log for MS troubleshooting purposes - WKB47011

Article number: 47011


To aid in troubleshooting, configure Hyperterminal to save a record of MS communications.


  • MassLynx
  • MS
  • Hyperterminal


  1. Configure Hyperterminal according to the article How to set up Hyperterminal - WKB17402.
  2. Select Transfer > Capture Text.
  3. Create a file name for the text file and a location in which to save the file.
    Note: Ensure that the file has the extension .txt.
  4. Click Start.
  5. The MS EPC dialog is captured in this file.
  6. If the system stops communicating, capture the status of the MS by typing
    printDebugDetails (case sensitive).
  7. This command prints details of the instrument into the log.
    (For example, i = status of the tasks; MemShow = the EPC memory status)
  8. When monitoring has finished, select Transfer > Capture Text, and click Stop.

    Note: If running Hyperterminal to track an intermittent fault over several days, you should stop the logging daily and select a new file. This prevents file sizes from growing to the point they are unusable.
    If the computer is rebooted, the logging must be restarted manually as described above.




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