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ACQUITY SQD will not pump down after installing new personality PCB - WKB3894

Article number: 3894


  • Instrument vented to replace Personality PCB, but will not pump down using new PCB
  • Error: Turbo Controller fault
  • Roughing pump starts and Analyzer pressure drops to 3 mbar
  • 48 V at J36 (to the turbo controller) is present, but 24 V at J37 (from the turbo controller) is not present


  • SQ Detector


Turbo Controller Fault


Note: Prior to performing this procedure, be certain that all connectors and wires to those connectors on the Personality card have been double-checked for solid connections. The SQD and TQD Mass spec minifit connectors do not make tight connectionss, since there is little wire length on the minifits.

Replace the Turbo pump and controller (700010382).



For this instrument, you cannot order the Turbo controller as a single unit. The turbo pump and controller must be replaced.

For more information on how to measure the 24 and 48 Volts, refer to the SQ Detector Turbomolecular pump technical reference.

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