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Desolvation temperature changes when the run starts on G2 QTof - WKB3049

Article number: 3049


  • The desolvation temperature settles nicely from start-up before the run starts
  • The desolvation temperature changes when the run starts


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Synapt G2
  • Synapt G2 S
  • Synapt G2 Si
  • Xevo G2
  • Xevo G2 S
  • Xevo G2 XS


The resolution mode selected in the MS method differs from what is open on the tune page. 

When the run starts, the tune page mode changes and the temperatures change for the new tune page settings. 


  1. In the sample list, define which tune page you want to use. (On the MassLynx page, go to Samples > Format and ensure that Customize the MS Tune File is selected.) 
  2. Ensure that the correct tune page is set in the sample list. If nothing is set, it will use the tune page that is open. 
  3. Open the MS method and see which resolution mode is selected.
  4. Open the tune page, switch to the relevant resolution mode, and let the temperature settle. 
  5. Start the runs. 


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