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No communication with the epc in ZQ, Quattro Micro, ZMD, or EMD - WKB2825

Article number: 2825


  • Error message pops up that says instrument not present, opening in stand-alone mode
  • Open MassLynx and the MassLynx window says no instrument found at the bottom


  • MassLynx
  • ZQ 2000/4000
  • Quattro Micro
  • Quattro Premier
  • EMD 1000
  • ZMD


MassLynx is not closed properly before a PC restart or before power cycling the ACQUITY.


  1. Power-up the PC
  2. Use a piece of PEEK tubing to push the reset button at the bottom right of the front panel. It is next to the syringe pump and below the hole for the line from the syringe pump to the probe. It is not marked. If you cannot find this, in Windows XP, go to the Start > Program Files > Accessories > Run and type "telnet epc". Then press Enter and type "reboot" in the black window that pops up. If you are in Windows 7, got to Start and type "run" under "Search for programs and files". This will pull up the run program. Select this and type telnet epc in the window, press Enter, and type "reboot" in the window that pops up. If no telnet window pops up, you must reboot using the reset button on the mass spectrometer.
  3. Wait five minutes.
  4. Open MassLynx.



id2825, comms, EMD1000, MLYNX, MLYNXV41, QUMICRO, SUPMM, ZMD2, ZMD4, ZQ2000, ZQ2000SFC, ZQ4000

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