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Vion lost communication - WKB27277

Article number: 27277


  • Instrument console side panel says communication is lost with the EPC for Vion


  • Vion
  • Workstation
  • UNIFI Network


Lost communications


  1. On the workstation or the LND, select the start button for Windows and type the following in the search field: Hypterminal or Putty.
  2. Set up Hyperterminal with a name such as epc, select com 1, and then select restore defaults.
  3. At the blinking cursor in Hyperterminal, hit Enter. If it doesn't come back with an arrow, repeat steps 1 and 2 and, after selecting restore defaults, select 115200 for the bits per second.
  4. Type reboot, and then hit Enter in Hyperterminal.
  5. Once the arrow is back, go to UNIFI.
  6. On the client or workstation portal, go to UNIFI, select the administration tab, and then open device management.
  7. Reset the LND or workstation by right-clicking on the top line in the workstation tab or on the correct LND in the LND tab. Select reset device, and then select OK.
  8. Once the status is online, go to the instrument system and put it in Operate mode.


You must run the instrument setup after completing this procedure.

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