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What are the steps for a full reboot of a UPLC with quadrupole MS system? - WKB25175

Article number: 25175


Perform a full reboot of a UPLC system with Xevo or ACQUITY quadrupole mass spectrometer, including reset of IP addresses in the Waters DHCP Server Configuration.


  • ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio
  • ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector
  • 3100 Mass Detector
  • SQ Detector
  • SQ Detector 2
  • TQ Detector
  • Xevo TQ MS
  • Xevo TQD
  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Xevo TQ-XS
  • MassLynx
  • Empower


  1. Close MassLynx (or Empower) and the ACQUITY MS Console.
  2. For a MassLynx system, browse to C:\Program files (x86) \ Waters Instruments. For an Empower system, browse to C:\Empower\Instruments.
  3. Locate and launch the Waters DHCP Server Configuration.exe.
  4. Clear all IP addresses from the Waters DHCP Server Configuration.
  5. Power-down the PC. Power-off all UPLC components, including the QDa. (Do not power-off any of the other mass spectrometer systems.)
  6. Power-up the PC. Log in to Windows. Launch the Waters DHCP Server Configuration (steps 2 and 3).
  7. Power-on the UPLC components, starting with the one that has the network hub. Wait 30 seconds for the IP address and information about the component to populate the DHCP Server Configuration before powering-on the next component.
  8. If the system has a QDa, power it on last, then go to step 10. If there is no QDa, go to step 9.
  9. When all UPLC components are powered-on and LEDs are green, reset the mass spectrometer by pushing the reset button (see Additional Information).
  10. Allow three to five minutes for the mass spectrometer to boot up and initialize.
    • With a QDa, allow the system to pump down and the status light to turn green.
    • For systems where the operate light turns RED, wait for it to turn off.
    • For all other systems, wait for the source pressure test to run.
  11. Open MassLynx or Empower.



The reset button on the ACQUITY TQ Detector, the AQCQUITY SQ Detector, and the 3100 Mass Detector is the tiny red button.

The reset button for the SQ Detector 2 and all Xevo systems is in the small hole on the front of the mass spectrometer, near the status lights.

The Xevo TQ MS, TQ-S, and TQ-XS may require a reboot of the system electronics. Refer to KCS Article 822.

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