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The mass range appears truncated in only one resolution mode on SYNAPT G2-Si - WKB23879

Article number: 23879


  • All ions for NaI are between 0 and 300
  • In other resolution modes, the ions are across the full mass range


  • SYNAPT G2-Si
  • Xevo G2-XS
  • MassLynx


Incorrect Veff


  1. In the tune page, go into System view (password is access).
  2. If sensitivity mode mass range is off, go to resolution mode (or vice versa). If high resolution mode mass range is off, go to enhanced resolution mode (or vise versa).
  3. In the good mass range resolution mode, from the system drop-down menu, select acquisition settings and copy or write down the Veff.
  4. Switch to the bad mass range resolution mode and, from the system drop-down menu, select acquisition settings.
  5. Type in the new Veff, select update, and close.
  6. Fine tune the mass position of a known peak (such as the lockmass) by zooming and getting the mass position of the center of the peak from the tune page.
  7. Open up the acquisition settings, select calculate, and set Veff.
  8. Type in the correct reference mass.
  9. Type in the observed mass for this ion from the tune page.
  10. Select Calculate.
  11. Select Update, and the Close.


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