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What does the MS Ref Stds: Xevo TQ-S Kit (176002191) contain? - WKB21715

Article number: 21715


  • Xevo TQ-S


The MS Ref Stds: Xevo TQ-S Kit (176002191) contains the following:

700005472 MS Ref Stds: Waters Xevo TQ-S Sample kit.  [List of components]

186006013 Leucine Enkephalin (2 x 3 +/- 0.006 mg powder) used for ionKey / MS system only

Note: Part number 176002191 MS Ref Stds: Xevo TQ-S Kit is listed in the ionKey / MS System with Xevo TQ-S Performance Test document (715004066), but that part number cannot be ordered.


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