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How to calculate Veff for a SYNAPT, LCT Premier, or Q-Tof Premier - WKB17396

Article number: 17396


Adjust the Veff to shift all of the peaks in the mass range by a given amount.


  • Q-Tof Premier
  • LCT Premier


  1. Acquire 30 seconds to one minute of data for the lock mass or calibration solution (where the mass is known).
  2. Combine and center the data by using Automatic Peak Detection (no lock mass correction) if on Windows XP software or by using Center if on Windows 7 software.
  3. Note the observed mass for the lock mass or calibration mass (ideally in the middle of the mass range).
  4. From Engineer settings or the system view, select Acquisition Settings from the system drop-down menu.
  5. veff.PNGor New Veff = (theoretical mass/observed mass) × old Veff. You can obtain the theoretical mass from the ref file (C:\MassLynx\ref) or mass difference. The old Veff = the Veff in the Acquisition Settings window when it opened.
  6. In the Acquisition Settings window, replace the old Veff with the new Veff. Select Update, and then select Close.


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